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At Dietz & Bluett we will shop our providers for you to make sure you have the best coverage for the best possible price.  It doesn’t cost you one penny extra to have you own personal insurance expert so request a quote, and we will get to work right away!

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Auto Insurance 101

Failing to properly insure your vehicle can have disastrous financial, medical and legal consequences that could take years to overcome.  Insuring your automobile is not just a smart decision, it’s a legal requirement in both Pennsylvania and Maryland.  Insurance companies bombard us with amusing advertisements, but when it comes to making sure your have the right coverage for the best price, you need a trusted advisor to guide you through the process. Request a quote from Dietz & Bluett today, and don’t pay more than you need to for your auto insurance.

Glossary of Basic Terms

  • Comprehensive Coverage – If your vehicle is damaged by something other than an accident, your comprehensive coverage will pay for the necessary repairs.  For example, if your car is damaged by severe weather, fire, flood, vandalism, or theft you will be covered by your comprehensive insurance.
  • Collision Coverage – If your vehicle is damaged by a collision or an accident, your collision coverage will pay for the necessary repairs.  In some cases collision insurance my be transferrable to a vehicle that you are driving, but do not own.  Make sure you check your policy before renting or borrowing a vehicle.
  • Deductible – Your deductible is the amount of money you agree to contribute toward the cost of repairing your vehicle. A higher deductible will typically result in lower premiums.
  • Medical Payments Coverage – Medical payments coverage is an optional addition to your auto insurance policy.  This coverage pays for medical and/or funeral expenses for the insured driver so long as the injuries are the result of an auto accident.
  • Personal Injury Protection – This coverage pays for medical, hospital, and funeral expenses for insured drivers, their passengers, and pedestrians who are involved in an accident up to the limits arranged in the policy agreement.
  • Premium – Your premium is the amount of money you pay for active coverage. Your could easily replace the word “premium” with the word “rate” or “cost”.
  • Property Damage Protection – In the event that an insured driver causes damage to someone else’s property in an accident, property damage protection will pay for the necessary repairs up to the specified limits of your policy.

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

​Pennsylvania drivers are required to carry two types of auto coverage; no fault medical benefits, and liability insurance.

Maryland Auto Insurance

​Maryland drivers are required to carry three types of auto coverage; injury protection, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and liability insurance.

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How Dietz & Bluett Will Help You Make Smart Choices About Your Auto Insurance Policy

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have time to learn everything there is to know about protecting our vehicles.  That is why you need a trusted advisor to assist you in your search for the perfect policy and perfect price.  At Dietz & Bluett we work with nine different providers to ensure that our clients have options when it comes to their auto insurance needs.  It doesn’t cost you anything to have your own personal insurance expert to guide you through the process, and to make sure that you aren’t overspending.  We want to earn your business so we will work hard to make sure your auto insurance needs are met.

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